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The Empowered Tarot

Saturday December 2nd

The Sacred Space, Summerland, CA

In this workshop you'll learn about each Major Arcana Tarot Card and how to interpret and read tarot cards in a meaningful way. 

Thriving During Mercury Retrograde

Saturday December 9th
11am PT / 7pm UK
Online Via Zoom

It's time for Mercury Retrograde!  Learn not only about this challenging time, but how you can use the energy to your advantage!  

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Connecting with Crystals

The power of crystals has been used by man for thousands of years to enhance our lives and heal ourselves.  Even today, we are attracted to their beauty by wearing them as jewelry and enjoying them in our homes.

This hands-on class will demystify the power and properties of the most popular crystals available today, and how you can use them in your life.  Learn how they work in our environments, how to choose the right crystal for you, how to connect, program, clear your crystals, and more!

Healing with Crystals

We have known for thousands of years that humans have the ability to heal themselves.   Crystal have been a powerful tool assisting in healing. 

This hands-on class will fortify your knowledge of he most powerful healing crystals and how to use them.  Learn the healing properties of the crystals, chakra stones, crystal first aid, and how to use them to promote healng.


Embark on a journey as we unravel the ancient art of Pendulum Dowsing - a fascinating practice that transcends millennia and continues to enchant the curious minds of today.

In this powerful hands-on class you will learn the history of pendulums, master techniques, enjoy a treasure trove of helpful tips and tricks, and discover transformational practices how to clear energy and heal with a pendulum.  

Meet Your Guides

Have you ever wondered what Guides are and WHO yours are?  Everyone has multiple Guides, have you connected with yours?

This class will introduce you to your Guides, how to connect with them, understand the guidance you receive and deepen your connection with them.  Through a guided meditation, you will experience their different energetic vibrations and invite them into your life.

The Empowered Tarot - Major Arcana

Dive into the Major Arcana with this hands on class!  

You'll learn the meanings behind each Major Arcana Tarot Card, and the energetic essence they bring to a reading.  Through practice readings in class you'll confidently learn how to interpret the cards to provide positive readings.

Thriving During Mercury Retrograde!

Learn how to THRIVE (not just survive) during Mercury in Retrograde!  

You'll learn how Mercury greatly impacts your every day life for the 3 week retrograde and how you can work productively with this energy!  Feel prepared with valuable tips, techniques and information that will help you THRIVE during Mercury's Retrograde.


Charlotte L. Holmes, Msc.d is a best selling author and experienced healer who is passionate about guiding people to realign to their true selves. With a profound understanding of many healing practices and metaphysical disciplines, Charlotte guides individuals towards incredible physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation. 

Charlotte has a Doctorate in Metaphysics and is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Feng Shui Master and Space Clearer. Through her years of experience, study and teaching, Charlotte has developed an integrative approach to healing, combining elements of these modalities to allow her clients find balance and wellness.  

Charlotte believes in the power of the individual and that each person has the ability to heal themselves. She empowers her clients to overcome obstacles, reducing stress and promoting wellbeing, relaxation and healing. Charlotte is dedicated to guiding people to reach their highest potential and a state of inner peace through her integrative approach to healing.


  • #1 Best-Selling Book: All the Answers Are Within

Certifications and Credentials

  • Msc.d in Metaphysics
  • ​Karuna Reiki® Master, ICRT Registration #088089
  • Reiki Master
  • ​Soul Realignment® Practitioner
  • ​Neuro-Linguistic Programming Pracitioner
  • ​Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • ​Life Shift Coach
  • ​Sai Maa Diksha Practitioner/Teacher
  • ​DivinePeaceHealing® Practitioner


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